To remain competitive in a global marketplace, organizations need to understand the current megatrends that are transforming the manufacturing industry and reflect them in their business strategies and processes.

Current challenges include the digitization of processes and the new business models and lines of business that are emerging from this. Conventional supply chains are being transformed into virtual value chains that are increasingly aligned with the demands of the connected customer. Technology trends, first and foremost the Internet of Things, predictive analytics, and the interpretation of mass data (big data) yield a plethora of variants that need to be made manageable.

Going beyond these strategic issues, companies will also be faced with the more immediate and conventional challenges posed by replenishment lead times, cost reduction, or the need to improve transparency and agility.

Our customers’ primary concerns include:

  • Demand-driven supply chain management
  • Minimization of supply chain risks
  • Supply chain agility

We help our customers to cope with the resulting challanges. Together with us companies digitize their manufacturing processes not only on the basis of standardized SAP applications. With Engineer-to-order, and Camelot LEAN Suite we have developed a number of innovative solutions that allow you to leverage your SAP infrastructure to make the demand-driven supply chain a reality.


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