Starterkit SAP MDG

Our modular approach gives you access to Camelot ITLab’s the extensive expertise in everything master data and SAP MDG. Our modular system allows us to address your unique needs. You decide whether you want to start out with a general overview or want to delve deeper into a particular master data object. What’s more, we will give you an overview of the latest technologies used in MDG such as Floorplan Manager (FPM) for UI design purposes, Business Rules Framework (BRF+) for rule-based workflows, investigations, and derivations, or the Data Replication Framework (DRF) for the distribution of master data. Another option is to have us review your specific scenario or requirements for feasibility in MDG. You can also choose to have us custom design a prototype on one of our own systems.

Below is a selection of our modules that you can combine freely:

  • General introduction/overview SAP MDG
  • Evaluation of the master data market and SAP MDG positioning
  • MDG approach and roadmap for the coming years
  • Feasibility analysis for your specific scenario
  • Data quality improvements with MDG
  • Flexible workflow adjustments with the rule-based workflow
  • Implementation of customer-specific investigations and derivations with BRF+
  • User interface customization (FPM)
  • Master data distribution (DRF)
  • Creation of your MDG prototype based on your specifications
  • MDG objects: Financials (MDG-F), Materials (MDG-M), Customers (MDG-C), Suppliers (MDG-S), Implementation of customer-specific objects MDG

All technical workshop modules include live demos and best practice examples.

Camelot’s MDG Starter Kit provides both IT departments and business departments with an understanding of the capabilities and opportunities of SAP MDG. Depending on the module you choose, we will address your specific needs and provide you with insights to guide you in your master data strategy.



For questions and inquiries, please feel free to contact us.