Cold Chain Monitoring

The pharmaceutical, chemical, and food and beverage industries in particular need ways to seamlessly monitor cold chains in order to preserve the characteristics of their products. Changing temperatures can affect the healing properties of medical products, cause semi-finished chemical products to react to early, and spoil food products.

The solution that was developed in a joint effort by Camelot ITLab and here. It correlates GPS location data with data collected from temperature monitors and analyzes it in real time on the SAP HANA platform. An app developed based on SAP Fiori gives users a map-based view of the data and affords them with drill-down capabilities that allow them to monitor temperatures all the way down to individual transport containers.

The built-in threshold management capabilities in our solution make it easy to identify and proactively respond to problems in the cold chain. Customers avoid financial losses and ensure the quality of their products. Detailed audit-trails are created for all data collected during transport to ensure compliance with international rules and regulations.

The cold chain monitoring solution combines both the many years of SAP expertise of Camelot’s IT consultants with here’s vast experience in geo-based services.

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