SAP BusinessObjects Add-Ons

The SAP BusinessObjects BI platform delivers comprehensive data analysis and visualization capabilities. Some useful features, however, are not available in the SAP standard. SAP BusinessObjects is an open platform, though, and allows for add-ons to close these gaps. Examples for this include Camelot’s Commenting and IFRS Notes solution and the integration of Google Maps with SAP BO Design Studio.

Camelot’s Commenting and IFRS Notes solutions provides a means to integrate reports and visualizations with its commenting feature. User can conveniently create comments to enrich existing visualizations with additional information. Camelot’s Commenting solution is currently available for SAP BusinessObjects Tools Design Studio and SAP BO Analysis, Edition for Office.

Another option to visualize data in SAP Design Studio is provided by GeoMaps. This add-on is based on Google Maps and allows users to add an geographic dimension to KPI visualization. A feature that SAP Design Studio – despite its wide range of visualization options – does not offer.

More intuitive visualizations and better communication across the enterprise are some of the key advantages of SAP BusinessObjects BI add-ons.

The GeoMaps add-on enables users to derive deeper insights from SAP Design Studio by making it easier to analyze the data, presenting it more clearly, and providing a new level of information.

Camelot’s Commenting and IFRS Notes solution serves to enrich quantitative metrics with qualitative information. Reports and performance metrics can be more easily analyzed, while variances are communicated more clearly.

  • Easier communication through the combination of data analytics, visualization, and commenting feature
  • Streamlined processes and prevention of information loss along the communication chain
  • Increased process efficiency

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