Camelot Solutions

In addition to our cross-industry, SAP integrated products, we have developed a number of innovative solutions and add-ons to help you close the gaps in your digitized supply chain.

Our add-ons for the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform allow you to expand the already extensive capabilities of the solution with regard to data analytics. You can integrate analytics and visualizations with a built-in commenting feature, add a geographic dimension to KPI visualization – and thereby improve transparency and innovation throughout your enterprise.

Camelot’s Freight Cost Simulation solution is an add-on to SAP TM based on SAP UI5 that is designed to analyze existing freight cost structures and identify opportunities for optimization.

The seamless monitoring of your cold chains in transit is ensured by a solution that was developed in a joint effort by Camelot ITLab and here. It correlates GPS location data with data collected from temperature monitors and analyzes it in real time on the SAP HANA platform.

Camelot’s Sales Forecast solution delivers insight into your annual planning information and makes it available your sales team using SAP UI5 technology.

We rely on our proven concepts and customized IT support for your supply chain risk management to help you identify risks, define risk management measures, and integrate it with intelligent supply chain controls.

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