Camelot Lab Planning

By providing integrated lab planning, Camelot ITLab bridges the functional gap between procurement, production, and sales. This unique solution, which has been developed as add-on to SAP SCM, facilitates a permanent transparency of the utilized capacities of the quality testing resources. Thus, shortages of resources can be recognized at an early stage. This makes a gradual optimization possible whilst taking into account the interfaces to procurement, production, and sales.

In SAP ERP, activities in quality and test planning can be modelled similar to the production activities. However, anticipatory planning is not possible. There are no planned inspection lots in SAP ERP, and a finite load of quality test resources is not possible. Here, the SAP SCM add-on developed by Camelot ITLab comes into play. It provides your company with the necessary planning structures for an integrated quality and test planning within a holistic planning concept with SAP ERP and SAP SCM.

Benefits of Camelot´s integrated lab planning solution at a glance:

  • Enables realistic and holistic planning
  • Opportunity to use the total planning functionality of SAP SCM
  • Calculation of future utilized capacity of quality control resources
  • Low training expenditures on account of using the standard functionalities
  • The add-on was developed in due consideration of maintaining the SAP standard
  • Investment protection, because it is independent of releases

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