Camelot Products

Our cross-industry, SAP integrated products help you close the gaps in your digitized supply chain.

Our Camelot LEAN Suite lets you optimize your supply chain planning, reduce working capital, and increase customer service levels while ensuring that production capacities are used to their fullest potential.

Camelot Transportation Analyzer will bring your transport management up to speed by analyzing logistics processes in real time and simulating transport scenarios. Its built-in BI cockpit provides at-a-glance visibility into cost savings opportunities. What’s more, our TM add-ons allow for the real-time analysis and visualization of business-relevant data from diverse sources in an intuitive map view.

The Camelot Planning Wizard was designed to help you adapt your business planning to dynamic marketplaces and economic realities while accelerating your planning processes.

Camelot Engineer-to-Order (ETO) solution helps you improve your company’s competitiveness. The solution delivers streamlined planning functionality and integrates all relevant data to provide end-to-end visibility into the ETO process from development to delivery.

You can rely on Camelot Lab Planning to close any functional gaps between purchasing, production, and sales. The timely identification of resource bottlenecks creates transparency across all disciplines, significantly reducing overall lead times for materials and finished products.

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