SAP Enterprise Portal

SAP Enterprise Portal (EP) is the latest generation of user-centric portals for all stakeholders along the value chain – and the solution of choice for many customers looking to manage and control the constant flood of information in their companies.

SAP EP offers role-based access to data and integrates enterprise-wide data to provide both managers and employees with consistently updated information that is relevant to the task at hand based on personalized push notifications. As a Special Expertise Partner, Camelot ITLab is your go-to resource for everything SAP EP:

  • Many years of experience in the execution of SAP EP-related projects
  • Deep integration expertise to support portal ramp-up projects
  • Design of scalable and highly available architectures for the seamless integration with existing infrastructures
  • Implementation of challenging corporate branding projects and integration of customer-specific content
  • Established vendor of certified business packages
  • Successful self-service implementation based on state-of-the-art SAP components and concepts
  • Creation of user interfaces based on forward-thinking technologies like SAP Visual Composer and SAP Web Dynpro
  • Proven approaches and best practices for a quick ROI

SAP EP simplifies everyday tasks which translates into higher productivity, faster decision making, and greater satisfaction at the staff level and accelerates daily workflows at the business level.

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