Technology Platform

The wide variety of systems in today’s heterogeneous IT environments makes it extremely difficult to stay on top of the overwhelming amounts of information they produce.

Our experience in the implementation of IT concepts has shown that the key to your project and business success lies in the clean and seamless integration of your data and systems.

SAP’s platform offering helps you establish a foundation for managing your software solutions across the enterprise. The integration and analysis of mass data from heterogeneous sources enable you to simulate business processes, create reports, model lines of business, and optimize business success over the long term.

Three of Camelot ITLab’s consultants have written a book on the implementation of SAP BW on SAP HANA.

“I would like to point of the authors’ experience that is tangible throughout the book, the references to additional sources of information, and the detailed elaboration of the different migration steps. Even readers who are merely preparing for the different aspects of a migration can benefit from the book as a rich source of tips and tricks and best practices in system hygiene and BW system housekeeping. The book is a must-read for readers familiar with SAP BW who want to find out more about the aspects of using HANA as a BW database.”

Translated from a book review by Michael Hahne, Managing Director of Hahne Consulting GmbH, published in BI-Spektrum 09/2015

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