SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management

Integrated supplier management enables you to manage your supplier data for the entire duration of the supplier relationship.

The first step in your company’s relationship with a supplier is the onboarding of a potential supplier, followed by systematic supplier qualification and supplier approval, the distribution of supplier data to related systems, and finally the professional phasing out of suppliers

Your supplier management should be closely aligned with your business strategy and reflect the different requirements posed by your merchandise categories.

SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLC) provides a single system to map the entire process from start to end. The solution enables you to communicate directly with your suppliers and gain visibility into their status and services with the click of a button. You can systematically implement measures to qualify and develop suppliers, allowing you to optimize your supplier base and minimize supply risks.

SAP SLC supports integrated supplier management. It does, however, fail to fully meet the complex requirements of manufacturing companies. Having realized this, Camelot developed flexible add-ons: Benefit from:

  • a differentiated way to control and and qualify suppliers
  • multi-level workflows for the deep integration of purchasing and quality assurance
  • automated checks of qualification results when approving suppliers

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