SAP Information Steward

Companies have long come to the realization that high-quality data is a major key to business success. The development of strategies suited to ensure the quality of data is growing in importance as poor data quality can be very costly.

SAP Information Steward is an application designed to monitor and increase the quality of your company’s data.

It gives both business and IT departments full visibility into enterprise-wide data, allows them to manage metadata, implement data profiling, and continuously monitor the quality of their data. Consistent rules and policies are set up for data analysis purposes and graphically represented using intuitive data quality scorecards. They provide an instant and up-to-date overview of performance indicators and allow companies to take appropriate data governance measures.

SAP Information Steward is the single source of truth for the management of business rules and for the creation and visualization of business rules.

The software allows you to create customized reports in order to instill a sense of responsibility in the employees in charge of the data. This results in an improvement in master data quality that in turn will accelerate business processes and eliminate costs associated with erroneous master data.

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