SAP Data Services

Why do you need SAP DS (Data Services)? SAP developed SAP DS to give you a simple and efficient means of data integration that enables you to optimize and enhance the quality of your data. SAP DS is an ETL tool (extraction, transformation, and loading) capable off extracting data from a wide range of sources regardless of system or vendor. SAP DS comes with native data profiling features that allow you to analyze the existing quality of your data and to identify and assess problems in the process.

SAP DS stands out with its outstanding performance and intuitive handling. All integration and data quality processes are developed under a single interface in the Data Services Designer. This functional centralization means that less time is spent on development and maintenance. The Data Services Management Console is a unified web interface that separates operation and administration from the development environment.

SAP DS (Data Services) helps you integrate data that is fragmented across the enterprise and improve the quality of your data.

Whether you are dealing with duplicate customer data in your ERP system, want to be able to validate incoming material data based on their values, or clean data from your CRM system and various Excel spreadsheets before importing them into your data warehouse, SAP DS is the perfect tool for all of your data integration and data quality needs.

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