SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics

SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics is a powerful statistical analysis and data mining software. SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics allows you to create predictive models to discover hidden insights and relationships in your historical data. Based on this information you can make accurate predictions about future events. The system uses connectors to draw data from SAP and non-SAP sources.

SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics has two modules, Automated Mode and Expert Mode, with varying degrees of functionality. Both are capable of automating the data analysis processes and allow users with different skill sets to perform statistical analysis.

Predictive analytics have a wide variety of possible applications. Predictive inventory and production management can help optimize production and logistics costs. Financial accountants benefit from the ability to identify possible cases of fraud based on transaction data. Marketing and sales divisions can reliably predict customer behavior, which in turn enables them to better target their cross-selling efforts and move into new market segments. The wide range of statistical functionality is further enhanced by advanced visualization capabilities that improve information discovery for faster insights. This information than serves as a strategic resource for your company to ensure you make the most of your investments in analytics solutions.

Camelot’s IT consultants have in-depth expertise in SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics and lend it to our customers to help them implement predictive analytics use cases. You will also benefit from our extensive experience in selecting the appropriate statistical analysis methods.

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